N. Chandramouli
N. Chandramouli

N. Chandramouli is a Chemical-Engineer-turned-Communicator who began his entrepreneurial journey rightafter obtaining his Engineering degree in 1990. His business experience began with chemicals and went on to stock-broking, banking, and exports. In 1998 began his engagement with Communication—a business that has obsessively consumed him since then. .

In the last decade of his career, he has promoted 6 different communication companies under the Comniscient Group umbrella. Of these, two are PR agencies, and one of them, Blue Lotus Communications, has been awarded the Agency of the Year by two reputed organizations fortwo consecutive years. Two other businesses are gold standards in their own sectors – Bluebytes, a news research and analysis company, and Trust Research Advisory, a business efficiency advisory.

Chandramouli’s unique combination of Engineering background, communication business experience, and other entrepreneurial exposures bring to the forean inimitable perspective to Communication. Helectures in several Communication colleges and is also the author of The Brand Trust Report, India Study (2011 – 15); India’s Most Attractive Brands (2013 and 15); India’s Most Trusted Educational Institutions (2014); and the book Decoding Communication.

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