Comniscient Philosophy
The vision must be
followed by the venture.
It is not enough to stare
up the steps - we must
step up the stairs.
Comniscient Group Companies

Comniscient Group Philosophy

At Comniscient, we have a simple philosophy - provide the best consultancy, advice, and deliverables. Since, in any consulting business, the quality of consulting depends on the people involved, we have consciously targeted staying away from a size slugfest, but instead we want to be known for the best service and advice to offer.

The term "Comniscient" is the coming together of communication and omniscience. The confluence of these two words defines our group - the first half, Com..., defines that we will always be foucsed in the field of Communications and the second part, ...niscient, is an indicator of knowledge and our constant endeavor to strive towards it. However, the parallel between "Comniscient" and "omniscience" does not end there- the root of the term "omniscience" is "science". Similarly, Comniscient has a highly scientific view of Communication, with every dynamic, humanistic, hierarchical, and transactional element that constitutes the science of Communication broken down to its elementary form, analyzed, and primed for seamless utility for our clients.

The Present matters to Comniscient. We do, of course, onboard the aspirations of the companies we meet, but we merge it with our underlying of the stage the company is perceived to be in and what trust Quotient it currently carries. We use this input to infuse new life into the company's brand image and outlook through our different tools. While we understand that our clients come from various industries, are of different sizes, geographies, and needs - different ships as it were - our belief is that once on board, we are on the same boat, with a singular goal shaped through creative friction and our tireless entrepreneurial spirit.

Although Comniscient has cracked the Communications code, we do not believe in keeping the secret to ourselves. Openness and transparency form the very fabric of our relations with the wider world. How Trust and Reputation form the foundation of Communications has been brought out to the world long ago by our group. Our Brand Trust Matrix has been made completely public through TRA Research's annual report, titled The Brand Trust Report. Similarly, our Reputation methodology is unhidden and is elaborated in the group's initaitives, titled India's Most Reputed Brands.

believe. achieve.

believe - One's innate belief in oneself, in the creation of the mind, in the idea of partnerships.
achieve - To harness the spirit, energy and every faculty needed to bring the belief to fruition.
Both of these words are in lowercase, showing that it must be done without any ego, without a sense of self.
The periods at the end of each of the words show the firmness of action, the achievement of results.
believe. achieve.
Two disparate, but integral words - one leading to the other. Among the myriad of literature that connects these two words, if ever there was a common thread, it is this – thoughts are birthed by beliefs, action is the result of inspired thoughts and achievement is borne of unflinching action.