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About Us

Blue Lotus, considered together with its group companies, is arguably the most comprehensive provider of PR and reputation management services under a single roof in India. Three-time winner of the Agency-of-the-Year Award, Blue Lotus has been an acclaimed strategy partner to several highly placed clients. We also incorporate impeccable media skills with an ability to handle all forms of client situations. Apart from Public Relations, our comprehensive services include Media Monitoring and Analysis through our sister concern, Bluebytes ; brand analytics through TRA Research ; and Social Media Services through Blue Online.

An environment of trust is essential for any progressive brand action to take place, since it is the elemental bond on which every other positive human response is built. The Public Relations at Blue Lotus starts with the creation of well-thought-through strategies to build Brand Trust. These strategies help effectively mold public opinion in favour of the client brand. Our philosophy is to ensure business longevity through the tried and tested Brand Trust Matrix® as a communication strategy. This approach has helped our client brands gain lasting trust among their stakeholders. TRA (previously known as Trust Research Advisory), publishers of the Brand Trust Report , has extensively used the Trust Matrix as a measurement tool in understanding and deciphering consumer behavior and opportunities for communication, and Blue Lotus accesses this data to understand current Brand Trust trends.

Blue Lotus has specializations in Healthcare, Finance, Technology, Education, Real Estate, and Brands . This multisector experience gives us an intricate understanding of the interrelated aspects of each brand and also helps us provide a holistic strategy to clients. We have experience with different types of clients, from startups to the very large, from international brands to those that need rural forays, and from organizations with no marketing departments to those with extremely complex corporate communication structures. We keep a scalable and adaptable approach to meet all needs. In case of client crisis situations, from the small to the extremely threatening, Blue Lotus uses its robust and well-tested Crisis Containment Framework , which allows us to deliver the best outcomes based on the nature of the circumstances.

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Our Companies

Setting the Scene – Background
i9 Communications is one of the fastest growing PR agencies in India, offering 360o Communications solutions with a core focus in sectors such as Consumer, Realty, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Lifestyle. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Mumbai, the agency has grown from a fledgling start-up into an aggressive, reputed agency with an expanding footprint over 9 offices, 4 associate offices, and a marquee list of clients. The agency has gained a reputation for providing creative Communication solutions that impact the client’s business goals directly.
Behind the Curtains – Foundation Stones
The need for a new challenge and the desire to bring about a refreshing change was at the heart of the creation of i9 Communications, the brainchild of N. Chandramouli and Subhash Pais. As the doom of Lehmann Brothers, the near collapse of the US economy, and the financial gloom all played itself out like a Greek tragedy, i9 was born out of the sheer need to be different and to complement Bluelotus Communications, which had already made its presence felt as one of India’s top PR agencies.
i9 Communications believes in complete transparency and accountability and has evolved proprietary processes and systems to ensure the same. Basing its interactions on the key pillar of ‘Applying Imagination to Knowledge’, i9 Communications has become a strong player in its core sectors.
Painted Differently – What Uniqueness Does i9 Bring to the Table?
Based on a study of client needs and feedback, i9 Communications has developed a hierarchy of holistic techniques to ensure a strategic approach to Communications.
These unique processes, designed to be completed with a short 15-day period, include:
  • Communications Audit
  • Perception Mapping
  • Opportunity Matrix
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Media Opportunity Document
  • Implementation Roadmap
Flaunting Muscle – i9 Communications Strengths
So how is i9 this effective? It isn’t rocket science. The following is our enviable list of core competencies:
  • Depth in Media Penetration – LeveragingMedia Inputs from our 13 Offices Pan-India
  • Content Generation in Multiple Indian Regional Languages
  • Getting the Business’s Communications Pulse through On-the-ground Data Collection and Surveys
  • Analysis to Create Business-specific Communications Strategies
  • Implementation Impetus and Monthly PR Checks
  • Evaluation and Tweaking Strategies
  • Image management
  • Crisis management
  • Category building
  • Launch and market entry
Setting the Scene – Background
Founded in 2003, Blue Bytes is among India’s leading Media-monitoring Companies with close to 100 employees across its 9 city offices. Blue Bytes also has associate offices in 4 more Indian cities. Should the need arise, Blue Bytes has the ability to quickly scale into 40 Indian cities. Since its launch, a growing number of smart communicators now consider Blue Bytes an indispensible tool for tracking, managing, and organizing media coverage from print and online sources. Blue Bytes News offers media monitoring and analysis services to over 250 clients and works closely with more than 20 PR agencies in India. The top 2/3 companies from the sectors we cater to are our long-time clients.
Behind the Curtains – Foundation Stones
Drawing from a decade of expert media-monitoring experience and extensive client feedback, Blue Bytes has based its business practice on the principles of Relevance, Accuracy, and Timeliness. Alone, these principles provide a valuable but unbalanced service, but when combined they create a sturdy foundation that ensures optimum client delivery. Blue Bytes continually makes itself indispensible to its clients, which is evidenced in our long and loyal client list.
Painted Differently – What Uniqueness Does Blue Bytes Bring to the Table?
Blue Bytes has the know-how to not only understand and manage media monitoring from multi-lateral perspectives but also to leverage it. This, combined with our expertise in a variety of sectors and a well-rounded understanding of the various stakeholders—media, consumers, citizenry, government, activist groups, political parties, and bureaucracy, among others—gives us an indubitable edge in the programs we undertake.
Flaunting Muscle – Blue Bytes Strengths
Here are listed the significant strengths of Blue Bytes:
  • Mature processes to help Communications
  • Blue Bytes has continuously been working towards bringing new technological innovations in Communications that have become gold standards for the PR industry
  • Timely proprietary-technology-driven capture and dissemination of vital print and online news to client stakeholders to maximize impact
  • Visually appealing format
  • Searchable, archive-able online index
  • Indexed items can be analysed by:
    1. Time period
    2. Geography of appearance
    3. Source of appearance
    4. Share of voice
  • Multi-vertical services (non-exhaustive) provided through the ProPR Package:
    1. Rooster – Daily user-customized news updates through email
    2. ProAnalytics – Qualitative analysis
    3. ProReport–Customized report-making tool
    4. ProSearch– Research-friendly, filterable news archive
  • Blue Bytes clients can also avail 5 Senses,the monthly actionable presentation that contains in-depth client and competition analysis
  • Comprehensive online media data capture through RSS feeds and other techniques
  • Cost-effective TV and radio monitoring
  • Media Monitoring
  • Media Analysis
Setting the Scene – Background
Founded in October 2002, Blue Lotus is among the leading Public Relations Consultancies in India and is a three-time award winning PR agency. With over 110 permanent employees across its 9 city offices, Blue Lotus also has associate offices in 4 more Indian cities. Blue Lotus has the ability to scale into 40 Indian cities on short notice too.
Behind the Curtains – Foundation Stones
Blue Lotus is founded on the twin principles of Knowledge and Partnerships, which it delivers through its PR initiatives for client businesses. This unique combination givesour clients’ PR programs an added edge when handling complex and sensitive issues.
Painted Differently – What Uniqueness Does Blue Lotus Bring to the Table?
Blue Lotus has a 3-pronged approach to delivering results for its clients:
  • Researched Insights – With multi-sector data from more than a decade of being in the industry, Blue Lotus peruses the client’s business through the lens of crystallized insights, giving it an edge that cannot be matched in the market
  • Strategic Understanding – Through processes keenly oriented towards increasing Trust, Attractiveness, and Reputation, Blue Lotus takes the business from wherever it is to its destination in the eyes of the target audience
  • Consistently High Delivery – On boarding of feedback, weekly reviews, a collaborative approach, and employee involvement ensure the quality of delivery is high and the results time bound
Flaunting Muscle – Blue Lotus Strengths
These are our strengths:
  • Deep strategy and strong implementation
  • Proprietary knowledge creators
  • Diversified industry exposure
  • Strong media relationships (including Tier 2)
  • Blue Lotus boasts the largest live journalists’ database
Setting the Scene – Background
Formerly known as Trust Research Advisory, TRA was founded as part of the Comniscient Group in 2008 and is headquartered in Mumbai. It is essentially a Brand Intelligence and Data Insights Company dedicated to understanding and analysing stakeholder behaviour through two globally acclaimed proprietary matrices of Brand Trust and Brand Attractiveness. Over a decade of research has helped TRA decipher the numerous characteristics that constitute the foundations of a brand.
Painted Differently – What Uniqueness Does TRA Bring to the Table?
TRA conducts a primary research with consumers and stakeholders to assist brands with their business decisions based on the resulting insights on Consumer Behaviour. We provide Competitive Intelligence Reports mined from more than 15 million data-points on brand intangibles of 20,000 brands and also custom-made studies for the same.
TRA is a firm dedicated to understand, simplify, and publish ideas/concepts related to the erstwhile ambiguous concept of Trust.
Flaunting Muscle – TRA's Strengths
TRA is led by the indubitable N. Chandramouli, the author of The Brand Trust Report and Decoding Communication, and constantly endeavours to convert intangibles such as trust and attractiveness into actionable insights for businesses. Trust, the complex bulwark on which all businesses must build their reputation, had hitherto never been measured, and it was indeed a difficult road to travel when TRA undertook the research.
Post the research and with nearly a decade of data, TRA now not only understands brand trust, but also has a deep urge to map the trust topography and measure the trust that different brands evoke in the minds of the consumers.
Brands are said to be created and owned by the consumers and influencers, and The Brand Trust Report is a direct measure of how much these 'owners' trust their brands, and why? TRA is also the publisher of India's Most Attractive Brands. TRA has also ventured into mapping educational institutes on the much-needed factor of trust (India’s Most Trusted Educational Institutes), based on its Brand Trust Matrix.
Setting the Scene – Background
The newest tentacle of the Comniscient group of companies, Blue Online, boasts of a team of Communications experts with the ability to shape both sides of the Communications pie. Blue Online employs cohesive strategies to maximize results and the output is obvious – brands that undergo the Blue Online experience find themselves becomingmeaningful and relevant in their industry. Meaningful brands add value and ignite actions and conversations to drive business success.
Painted Differently – What Uniqueness Does Blue Online Bring to the Table?
Here are Blue Online’s enviable talents:
  • Analysing data, creating insights, and being ROI driven
  • Providing personal and collective value to businesses
  • Sharing brand stories
  • Connecting experiences across all platforms
  • Igniting conversations and actions
Flaunting Muscle – Blue Online Strengths
Here are Blue Online’s Core Competencies:
  • Research-based approach to creating content
  • Insights-led strategic planning
  • Press relations and Social Media expertise
  • Integrated data analytics
  • End-to-end implementation and monitoring
  • Feedback onboarding
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